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Kodak Sells Imagine Patents for $525 Million

Eastman Kodak has announced the delayed sale of its imaging patents for US$525 million to a number of companies, and as part of the sale agreement, settled all outstanding patent litigations between the companies. more

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Kodak May Accept Just $500 Million for Patents Portfolio

USA based Eastman Kodak has been offered US$500 million for a block of its patents by a consortium of companies, the Wall Street Journal has reported, citing people familiar with the matter. more

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Kodak Suspends Patent License Sale Due to Low Bids

Photography company, Eastman Kodak has told a bankruptcy court that it is considering alternatives to its planned auction of patent assets.  more

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Kodak Puts Large Batch of Digital Imaging Patents Up for Sale

Eastman Kodak, which is currently in bankruptcy protection has announced plans to sell a block of 1,100 patents covering the capture, manipulation, and sharing of digital images. more

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