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Thai Network Starts Tests of LTE Network Ahead of Launch

Thailand's Dtac says that it has started drive testing its LTE network ahead of its commercial launch. more

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Thai Network to Start Testing LTE Service

Thailand's Dtac has announced that it is preparing to start testing its 2.1Ghz based LTE network in Bangkok. more

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DTAC to Double 3G Capacity and Launch LTE Network

Thailand's DTAC has said that it plans to double the capacity of its 3G network this year, as it also prepares for a limited LTE launch in April. more

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Thailand's DTAC Preparing for LTE Launch in April

Thailand's DTAC now expects to launch its LTE network in April, having secured the necessary regulatory approvals. more

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Fitch Street Interview: 3G Licensing Regime Positive for Thai Telcos

Fitch Ratings says that the improvement in the Thai regulatory framework following the issuance of 3G licences resulted in rating upgrades for the two largest Thai mobile phone operators. However, competitive pressures are likely to increase and free cash flow remains negative more

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Thai Minister Supports Moves for LTE Services at 1800Mhz

Thailand's DTAC has moved a step closer to being allowed to launch LTE services on a block of unused 25Mhz spectrum that it controls. more

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Thailand's DTAC Ready to Deploy a 4G Network

Thailand's DTAC is likely to bring forward plans to deploy an LTE network following stronger than expected demand for its 3G services. more

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DTAC Wants Unused Radio Spectrum Resold by the Regulator

Thailand's DTAC has said that it wont be handing over a 25Mhz block of 1800Mhz spectrum to its concession owner, CAT Telecom, in defiance of an order from the ICT Minister. more

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Former Dtac Employees Petition for Old Jobs Back

Some former employees at Thailand's Dtac are petitioning the Labour Ministry to demand their jobs back claiming that they were made to resign after setting up a labour union. more

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Thai Billionaire Defends DTAC Shareholding Structure

Thailand's billionaire founder of the mobile network operator, DTAC has defended the current shareholder arrangements at the company as being in compliance with the law on foreign shareholder limits. more

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