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Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Down by 5% in Q4 '08

The global economic downturn had a significant impact on the mobile phone industry as worldwide mobile phone sales to end users totalled 314.7 million units in the fourth quarter of 2008, a 4.6 per cent decline from the fourth quarter of 2007, more

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Chinese Handset Production Growth Down to Single Figures

The research firm predicts that the scale of Chinese mobile phone chips market is expected to reach RMB 110 billion (US$16 billion), up by 6%, down to single-digit growth for the first time. more

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Accidental wireless - Wireless-based sensor system could SAVE lives

Following a rollover automobile accident, driver and passengers are usually unable to call for help. So, unless the accident occurs on a busy road, rescue is unlikely to arrive in time to save them.  more

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New Car-Ignition Key can Jam Mobile Phones

University of Utah researchers have developed an automobile ignition key that prevents teenagers (or anyone frankly) from talking on cell phones or sending text messages while driving. more

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US Consumers Cutting Back on Technology Purchases

Consumers plan to cut back this holiday season on consumer technology purchases, according to a new report by the NPD Group more

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Growing demand for location-based services in advanced mobile markets

Location-based services (LBS) in Asia-Pacific are expected to see strong growth in the next five years, with wider adoption in the more advanced and saturated mobile and mobile data markets. more

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Qualcomm Faces $1 Billion Patent Lawsuit

Gabriel Technologies has filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm claiming that its subsidiary, SnapTrack wrongly appropriated valuable intellectual property that was developed as part of a joint development agreement with Locate Networks. more

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AT&T Appoints Senior Wireless Executive to Lead New Emerging Devices Organization

AT&T has announced that Glenn Lurie, formerly the president of National Distribution for AT&T Mobility, has been appointed to lead AT&T's initiative to introduce wireless capabilities into a wide variety of emerging wireless devices beyond the traditional handset. more

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2008 Cellular GPS Market Set to Overshadow PND Shipments

A bumper Christmas market is set to make GPS the hottest new feature in the cellular market. Taking the huge CDMA GPS market aside, GPS-enabled handsets are set to greatly outnumber PND shipments in 2008. more

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U.S. Businesses to Spend $11.6 Billion on Mobile Applications by 2012

According to new research from Compass Intelligence, businesses in the U.S. will spend roughly $11.6 billion on mobile applications by 2012, and this year alone, U.S. businesses are expected to spend an estimated $4.9 billion on mobile applications. more

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