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Motorist Caught Using Two Mobile Phones While Driving

Police in Norfolk, UK say that they stopped a motorist during a clamp-down on driving while holding a mobile phone - because he was holding two mobile phones while driving. more

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School Bus Driver Sent Over 1,000 Text Messages While Driving

A school bus driver is facing prosecution after surveillance videos showed that she had sent over 1,000 text messages while driving the bus. more

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Rising Numbers of Australians Texting While Driving

An increasing number of Australians are sending text messages while driving, with a 12 percent rise over the past year to about 45% of the total, according to a survey by local mobile network, Telstra.  more

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Smartphone Owners More Likely to Text While Driving

Distracted driving is an issue for many smartphone owners in the US and Western Europe, as they report widespread use of texting while driving. more

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UK Motorists Using Mobile Phones While Driving Triples

The number of motorists who admit to taking calls and sending text messages while on the road has tripled in a year, rising from 8% to 28% and 11% to 31% respectively, more

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Texting bans don't reduce crashes - Study

It's illegal to text while driving in most USA States. Yet a new study by researchers at the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) finds no reductions in crashes after laws take effect that ban texting by all drivers.  more

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UK Puts Warnings Against Driving While Using Mobile Phones on Backs of Lorries

The UK government has signed a deal with two of the country's largest operators of lorry fleets to put road safety messages on the back of their lorries. more

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Some drivers will have trouble training antsy thumbs to be idle

Ian Lathrop has given a lot of thought to how he will comply with the state law banning texting while driving, which takes effect Oct. 1.  more

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Ford Adding "Do Not Disturb" Button to Cars to Stop Texting While Driving

As the issue of texting while driving grows in prominence, Ford Motor Company says that it is expanding its SYNC technology with new features to give drivers safer alternatives to hand-held texting and keep them more focused on the road. more

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LaHood criticizes driver distraction lobbying push

USA Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood criticized a fledgling lobbying campaign which he said would undermine his work to limit drivers' use of cell phones and other electronic devices while behind the wheel. more

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