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New Report Demonstrates That LTE And Television Services Can Coexist In Brazil

Last October, Brazilian regulator ANATEL decided to allocate the Digital Dividend to mobile and adopt the Asia Pacific (APT) 700MHz band plan, which would free up the spectrum band for new LTE mobile services. more

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Australian wireless mic users get ready for switchover

Australia is in the final stage of realising the benefits of the 'digital dividend' -- spectrum located in the 694-820MHz range -- that will be used to deliver 4G services from next year. more

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Croatia Receives Two Bids for LTE Radio Spectrum

Croatia's telecoms regulator, Hakom has opened the bids for the remaining 20Mhz of digital dividend spectrum that it has to allocate. more

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Norway Consults on Fresh Radio Spectrum Auction Details

The Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority (NPT) has launched a consultation on the auction rules for the auction of the digital dividend spectrum (800MHz band) and spectrum in the 900 and 1800 MHz bands. more

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Azerbaijan Reserving Digital Dividend Spectrum for LTE Services

Azerbaijan's government is to allocate additional radio spectrum for 4G based services, the ICT Ministry has told local media. more

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UK Set to Release 4G Spectrum Earlier than Planned

The UK's telecoms regulator says that a four-year process to release airwaves for 4G mobile broadband will be completed on Wednesday. more

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Belgium Consults on Allocation 800Mhz Bands for Mobile Broadband Services

Belgium's telecoms regulator, BIPT has published a proposal for the use of the 800 MHz band for mobile broadband services.  more

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Ireland Raises US$1 Billion from Radio Spectrum Auction

The Irish telecoms regulator has completed its auction of radio spectrum and raised EUR481.7 million from the mobile networks, with commitments to pay up to EUR372.95 million by 2030 when the licenses expire. more

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Croatia Allocates 800Mhz Spectrum to Mobile Networks

Vipnet has obtained a 10 MHz paired frequency block (total of 20 MHz) of the 800 MHz frequency spectrum for a total of HRK150 million (US$25.6 million). more

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World's First TV White Space Wi-Fi Prototype Developed

The world's first Wi-Fi prototype using TV White Space has been developed by Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT).  more

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