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USA Wireless Providers Handled 3.2 Trillion Megabytes of Data Traffic in 2013

USA based wireless providers handled more than 3.2 trillion megabytes (MB) of data in 2013, a 120 percent increase from the previous year.  more

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CTIA Announces Voluntary Support for Anti-Theft Mechanisms in Smartphones

In an effort to avoid mandatory regulation, the US mobile industry has agreed to a voluntary code of practice designed to make smartphones less desirable to thieves. more

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US Networks Agree to Start Unlocking Mobile Phones

The USA's largest networks have taken steps to forestall legislation and agreed to voluntarily start unlocking phones, subject to conditions. more

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US Networks to Start Blocking Phones Stolen Overseas

The US database of stolen and blocked mobile phones has now completed integration with its international counterparts, so that stolen phones cannot be exported overseas to bypass blocking systems. more

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Head of US Telecoms Trade Body Announces Retirement

The long serving head of the US telecoms trade association, the CTIA has announced that he will retire from the post next year. more

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Mobile Apps Development has Created Over Half a Million US Jobs

The USA's mobile app economy has created 519,000 jobs nationwide and is a significant economic driver for a number of states, more

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Global Certification Forum and CTIA collaborate on wireless device evaluation

The USA based trade association, the CTIA and the Global Certification Forum (GCF) have agreed to a common process for evaluating the over-the-air performance of new wireless devices. more

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US Networks to Validate Premium SMS Companies to Cut down on Abuses

The USA wireless trade association, the CTIA, through its Common Short Code Administration (CSCA), has announced its partnership with Aegis Mobile to verify the identity of organizations that use premium short code campaigns. more

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Americans used more than 123% more wireless data traffic in 2011 than 2010

The amount of wireless data transmitted by Americans continues to increase at an impressive rate, as a CTIA semi-annual survey revealed. more

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Mobile Apps to Get Age Ratings

The US wireless trade association and the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) have announced a new rating system that six mobile application storefronts will voluntarily support as part of their app submission process. more

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