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London Underground Commuters Want Mobile Coverage

Mobile phone networks are reportedly close to signing a deal with Transport for London to build a mobile network on the London Underground - and research from the consumer affairs magazine, Which? reveals that most commuters are backing it. more

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Smart Grid Service Revenues for Fixed and Wireless Network Operators to Reach $4.9 Billion by 2016

One of the fiercest debates in the emerging smart grid industry has been over the use of private utility networks versus public networks operated by fixed and wireless service providers. more

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Qualcomm Sells Radio Spectrum to AT&T for $2 Billion

AT&T has announced that it is paying US$1.925 billion for radio spectrum currently owned by Qualcomm. The spectrum in in the lower 700 MHz frequency band and will be used to boost AT&T's planned LTE coverage in the years ahead. more

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Altair Chipsets Used in O2 Germany's LTE Trials

Altair Semiconductor has announced that its chipsets will power the LTE router being used during O2's upcoming digital dividend and 2.6GHz friendly user trials in Germany.  more

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Eurotunnel to Get Mobile Phone Coverage by 2012 - Report

British and French mobile networks are close to signing a deal to expand their network coverage into the railway tunnel that runs under the English Channel between the two countries. more

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RFS to Deploy Phone Coverage to Chinese Underground Railway

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), announced today that it will deliver coverage solutions for the TETRA and commercial wireless networks in the second underground railway, in the city of Shenyang, Liaoning province in China. more

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LTE Services in the US Will Generate More than $11 Billion in 2015

When it comes to mobile network infrastructure discussions, LTE is the name on everyone's lips. Yet the very meaning of the acronym - "Long-Term Evolution" - is a hint that it isn't going to happen overnight.  more

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Sevis Systems unveils GSM bandwidth optimization platform

Sevis Systems, a provider of mobile backhaul and signaling solutions, has shown off its 3rd generation GSM bandwidth optimization platform. more

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Nextel Brazil Pays $714 Million for nationwide 3G License

NII Holdings has announced that its subsidiary, Nextel Brazil was the winning bidder for 20 MHz licenses in the 1.9-2.1GHz frequency band (H band) auctioned by Brazil's telecoms regulator, Anatel. more

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Digicel to Reach Mobile Banking Goal Set by the Haiti Mobile Money Initiative

Pan-Caribbean mobile network, Digicel says that it will be the first operator in Haiti to reach the goal of 10,000 mobile banking transactions as set by the Haiti Mobile Money Initiative. more

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