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Mobile Money Saving Coupons to Increase by 30% During the Next Two Years

Mobile Coupons are expected to be one of the biggest winners of the current global recession. Juniper Research forecasts that the redemption value of mobile coupons will increase by over 30% by 2010. more

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Promotional Coupons Sent via Mobile Phones to Exceed 200m Users by 2013

Coupons delivered and redeemed via mobile phones are forecast to be used by some 200 million mobile subscribers globally by 2013, according to a new study by Juniper Research. more

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Operators Need to Look at the Bigger Picture for NFC

Much has been made of the market for mobile payments and ticketing services using NFC; but is there more to the market for NFC-enabled services than this? more

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Retailers to Send up to 3 billion 'Mobile Coupons' to Phone Users by 2011

New figures from analyst firm Juniper Research estimate that almost 3 billion mobile coupons will be issued to Mobile Users by 2011, with just under $7 billion of discounts redeemed. more

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Advertisers Deploying Mobile Coupons as Consumer Interest Grows

JupiterResearch has found a growing segment of consumers totaling 30 percent is interested in receiving coupons on their cell phones, although at one percent, adoption remains low. more

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Ad-Funded Mobile Games Trial Completed in Israel

Israel's largest mobile operator Cellcom has announced today the completion of its first ad-funded mobile games service powered by innerActive technology. more

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Coke pulls off SMS campaign success in China

Coke-Cola recently concluded its first truly national SMS-based "Coke COOL Summer " promotion in China. "The Coke Cool Summer SMS contest " during the months of Jul/Aug 2002 was an interactive contest offering 1 years free supply of Coke & new Siemens mobile phones as prizes everyday. To win users had to correctly guess the highest temperature in Beijing everyday. To make the contest more exciting subscribers were sent the previous days high temperature as a indicator. more

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