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Continuous Boosts Performance of LTE Core Network

Continuous Computing has announced the incorporation of Trillium's FastPath protocol software into its LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC) network elements. more

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ZTE Wins German 3G MVNO Core Contract

ZTE has won a contract to build a 3G core network for German mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE), Vistream.  more

Related Tags: zte, mvno, mvne, vistream, 3g, atca, Germany

Ubiquisys Unveils Further Details of Self-Organising Femtocells

Originally developed to meet the requirements of a specific mobile operator customer, the system consists of modular femtocells providing "lego blocks" of 3G coverage that automatically work together to serve any size or shape of building. more

Related Tags: femtocell, 3g, ubiquisys, picocell, femtocells, catalyst, option, planning, 3g-coverage, seamless, UK

Lebanese Operator Upgrades Network to Support 1.2 Million Customers

Lebanon's mtc touch has released details of the major elements of its network coverage enhancement and upgrade plan, expanding its network capacity to service up to 1.2 million customers. more

Related Tags: mtc-touch, intelligent-network, mtc, Lebanon

Lebanese Operator Upgrades Core Network

Alfa, one of the two mobile operators in Lebanon has announced the completion of its first phase related to the Core Network modernization, after swapping out old generation equipment with the Ericsson supplied kit. more

Related Tags: alfa, ericsson, ovi, iden, roaming, sms, gprs, billing, Lebanon

Telecom New Zealand Announces WCDMA Network Launch

Telecom New Zealand has announced the early launch of its WCDMA overlay of its existing CDMA network - for the 13th May.  more

Related Tags: telecom-new-zealand, vodafone, wcdma, 3g, cdma, ericsson, sony, retail-stores, displays, New Zealand

Motorola Wins Chinese 3G Contract

Motorola says that it has won a W-CDMA contract with China Unicom for an undisclosed amount. more

Related Tags: china-unicom, motorola, w-cdma, wcdma, 3g, cdma, ovi, iden, mobile-broadband, radio-access-network, gsm, interoperability, unicom, China

Samsung Wins Malaysian WiMAX Contract

Samsung has won a national WiMAX contract in Malaysia from YTL e-Solutions (YTLE), a subsidiary of YTL Corp.  more

Related Tags: samsung, wimax, ytl-e-solutions, cisco, rsa, tim, iden, mobile-internet, seamless, Malaysia

Tekelec Wins Additional Signaling Business With Wataniya Telecom

Tekelec says that it has won a follow-on order to provide its EAGLE 5 platform to Wataniya Telecom in Kuwait, giving the operator a central signaling solution to handle core network functions. more

Related Tags: 3g, intel, sms, qtel, wataniya-telecom, capex, ovi, iden, wataniya, billing, opex, tekelec, ss7, 2g, Kuwait

World's First Femtocell Standard Published by 3GPP

Three trade bodies, The Femto Forum, 3GPP and the Broadband Forum have jointly announced that the world's first femtocell standard has been officially published by 3GPP, paving the way for interoperability between different vendors' access points and femto gateways. more

Related Tags: 3g, sim, privacy, edge, lte, mts, ovi, femtocell, 3gpp, femto-forum, femtocells, umts, interoperability

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