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Mobile Network Fined for Misleading Customers

Irish mobile network operator, Meteor Mobile has been fined EUR25,000 by a court after it was found to have sold discounted deals to customers that didn't exist and refused to compensate the customers. more

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No Bids in Irish 1800Mhz Spectrum Auction

The Irish telecoms regulator, ComReg has said that it received no bids for the blocks of 1800Mhz spectrum that it was auctioning off. more

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Vodafone Ireland Wins Partial Victory in Mobile Termination Rates Dispute

Vodafone Ireland has won a partial victory against the telecoms regulator after it took legal action to block changes to how Mobile Termination Rates are calculated. more

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Vodafone Seeks to Overturn Irish MTR Cuts

Vodafone Ireland is seeking a legal ruling to overturn a regulatory decision lowering the mobile termination rate on their mobile network. more

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Ireland Raises US$1 Billion from Radio Spectrum Auction

The Irish telecoms regulator has completed its auction of radio spectrum and raised EUR481.7 million from the mobile networks, with commitments to pay up to EUR372.95 million by 2030 when the licenses expire. more

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Vodafone Complains After Irish Regulator Mixes Up Email Correspondence

An employee at Ireland's telecoms regulator, ComReg accidentally mixed up correspondence and sent confidential notes to rival mobile networks. more

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Irish Regulator Outlines Radio Spectrum Auction Plans

Ireland's telecoms regulator, ComReg has published the details of its planned radio spectrum auction following a public consultation into the proposals. more

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Vodafone Fined for Overcharging PrePay Customers

Vodafone Ireland has been fined EUR951,000 by the Irish telecoms regulator, ComReg following an investigation into a discrepancy between prices published by Vodafone for calls and the actual charges applied to customers.  more

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Vodafone Ireland Fined for Missing "Bill Shock" Deadline

Vodafone Ireland has been fined EIR400,000 (US$527,700) by the Irish High Court for missing the deadline for imposing a EUR50 spending cap on mobile data roaming charges. more

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Irish Mobile Termination Rates Reductions Announced

Ireland's telecoms regulator, ComReg has announced that the country's mobile networks are to further reduce their maximum mobile termination rates (MTR) over the next two years until the end of 2012. more

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