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Qualcomm and Broadcom Wave a Paper and Declare "Peace For Our Time"

The acrimonious patent battle between Qualcomm and Broadcom is finally over. The two firms have entered into a settlement and multi-year patent agreement, more

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Financial Crisis Hits Mobile Phone Sales as Q3 Shipment Growth Slows

The worldwide mobile phone industry felt the impact of the global financial crisis in the third quarter of 2008 (3Q08) as total handset shipments were down significantly over previous quarters. more

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China Should Adopt Technology Neutrality for 3G Services

Talking about the development of 3G services in China, Qualcomm's President for Greater China, Frank Meng Pu has said in an interview that there should be scope for additional platforms in the country "based on the principle of technology neutrality" which encourages market competition to drive 3G development. more

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SiRF Signs Patent Deal with Qualcomm - Gets Broadcom Review

GPS based platforms vendor, SiRF Technology Holdings has announced a deal with Qualcomm and also received a review notice from the International Trade Commission (ITC) regarding its ongoing patent dispute with Broadcom. more

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Wireless Semiconductors Outgrow Overall Chip Market in 2007

Riding the momentum of continued strong demand growth for mobile handsets, sales of semiconductors for wireless products rose at a faster pace than the overall chip market in 2007, according to iSuppli. more

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TECH TALES: WiMAX is Still a Risky Investment

The next-generation wireless technology, known as WiMax, is full of potential to drive cheaper, high-speed wireless data, voice and video communications, or a dismal failure, depending on who you talk to. more

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