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Lawsuit Against Cingular/AT&T for Overcharges and Poor Cell Phone Service May Proceed

A class action lawsuit charging that millions of cell phone users were misled and overcharged when Cingular merged with AT&T Wireless in 2004 may go forward, a federal court ruled on Tuesday. more

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AT&T Loses Roaming Charges Class-Action Lawsuit

AT&T has lost an attempt to block a class-action lawsuit which is suing the carrier for alleged over-charging roaming fees. AT&T, known at the time as cingular Wireless had tried to argue before Washington State's Supreme Court that the customers had signed a contract which included a clause forbidden the customer from starting a class-action lawsuit, but the court decided that the clause was unfair and sent the case back to the trial court in King County where it began. more

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Cingular Wins US Military Contract

The USA's Army, Air Force and Defense Telecommunications Services - Washington (DTS-W) have signed a blanket purchase agreement with cingular Wireless. The new, five-year agreement will consolidate all of cingular's more than 50,000 DTS-W, Army and Air Force subscribers under one contracting vehicle, and cingular expects to add several thousand new subscribers in the coming months. more

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