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OPhone 2.0 Platform Debuts in Beijing

Samsung has shown off the first phone - the Oscar I7680 - that will run on the updated OPhone 2.0 smartphone operating system. The OPhone platform is based on Android, and customised for the Chinese market by China Mobile. more

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China Mobile Shows Off First Ophones

China Mobile has shown off the first smartphones that will be using its own operating system, branded the Ophone. more

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China Mobile Close to Launching 3G "Google Phone"

China Mobile is reported to be nearing a launch of a smartphone based on the Google backed, Android operating system - a source close the matter told the South China Morning Post. more

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Nokia and Motorola Dominate Chinese Smartphone Market

The success in brand and product allows Nokia and Motorola the accumulative advantage in smart phone market. It is forecasted that their market share will even reach over 90% under a better for better effect, which is particularly prominent in the smart phone market. more

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Nokia to Launch TD-SCDMA Based Phones by End 2009

Nokia has already started the development of a TD-SCDMA mobile phone based on Symbian OS, and plans to launch the product before the end of 2009. more

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Nokia Siemens and Ericsson May Win 20% of Chinese 3G Tender

China Mobile is expected to announce the winners of its US$4.4 billion 3G network tender, with Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) and Ericsson both expected to receive around 10% of the contract each. more

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China Mobile Planning to Open Silicon Valley R&D Office

China Mobile is planning to open a research centre in the USA - within California's Silicon Valley - sometime next year. This will be China Mobile’s first overseas research and development effort. more

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T-Mobile Expected to Sell Google Phone for Under $200

As T-Mobile USA prepares to show off the first version of the so-called, Google Phone next week, it has been reported that the company is aiming to sell the smartphone for US$199 with a contract. more

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