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Telefonica and Nokia to launch a totally "green" mobile phone offer

Telefonica and Nokia today presented the first sustainable mobile phone offer on the commercial market, featuring two of the most "sustainable" handsets currently available, more

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Wirelessly Recharging a Mobile Phone that on the Other Side of the Room

Fujitsu says that it has developed a magnetic resonance based wireless charging technology that can simultaneously recharge various types of portable electronic devices at a distance of several meters. more

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Mobile Phone Recycling Efforts - Industry Faces a Long Road to "Green"

Given the ubiquity of mobile phones around the globe, it is critical for the manufacturers of these devices to demonstrate their corporate responsibility by working toward greener phones that simplify safe and proper disposal and even reuse of the billions of mobile phones in the market.  more

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Wireless Charging Market Set to Expand by Factor of Nearly 70 by 2014

A flood of electronic products with wireless charging capability is arriving on the market in the coming years, causing global shipments of such solutions to soar to 234.9 million units in 2014, up by a factor of 65 from 3.6 million in 2010, more

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OMTP Publishes its final Handset Specifications

In advance of its transition into the Wholesale Applications Community (WAC), the Open Mobile Terminal Platform (OMTP) has published its three final document releases, covering cameraphone capabilities, visual voicemail service and mains power adaptors. more

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Nokia Shows Off Four New Entry-Level Mobile Phones

Nokia has shown off four new phones which it is aiming at the developing markets, along with a bicycle powered recharger as an alternative charging solution built especially for people with limited access to electricity. more

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Solar and Wind Chargers Market Pushed by Laptops and Mobile Phones

A green battery charger that uses solar or wind energy provides the user with inexhaustible clean power on demand as well as mobility, paving the way for lucrative market opportunities in the European renewable chargers market. more

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Passwords are passť but biometrics are not mobile

Researchers have pointed out an inherent flaw in the financial industry adopting biometric logins to boost security in that the advent of smartphones might make biometric logins impossible when one is on the move. more

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Cotton is the fabric of your lights... your MP3 player... your cell phone

Consider this T-shirt: It can monitor your heart rate and breathing, analyze your sweat and even cool you off on a hot summer's day. What about a pillow that monitors your brain waves, or a solar-powered dress that can charge your ipod or MP4 player? This is not science fiction - this is cotton in 2010. more

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Nokia to Replace Poorly Manufactured Phone Chargers

Nokia has identified a problem with one of its 3rd-party supplied phone chargers and has initiated a free replacement service. more

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