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Enhancements quadruple the voice capacity of existing CDMA2000 1X networks

The 1X Advanced standard allows 3G CDMA operators to significantly increase the voice capacity of their CDMA2000 1X network by taking advantage of several interference cancellation and radio link enhancements. more

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CDMA2000 Finds Opportunities in Europe, Russia and Emerging Markets in the 450 MHz Band

The CDMA Development Group (CDG) says that CDMA450 is rapidly expanding across all regions, and that 126 operators in 65 countries have deployed or are planning to deploy CDMA450 services more

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CDMA450 Spreads - Over 100 Live or Planned Networks

The CDMA Development Group (CDG) and International 450 Association (IA450) have jointly announced that there are 103 operators in 60 countries that have deployed or are planning to deploy CDMA450 services; 67 operators in 36 countries are already offering commercial services to more than 12 million people across the world, and 36 networks are being trialed or deployed in 24 more countries. more

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12 million sign up for CDMA in Q4 last year

The CDMA Development Group (CDG) has reported that a record-breaking 12 million users signed up for CDMA services in the fourth quarter of 2002, bringing the total number of CDMA subscribers to nearly 147 million, including 33 million 3G CDMA2000 users. more

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