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'Smart glass' micro-iris for smartphone cameras

A small, low-powered camera component made from a \"smart glass\" material has been created by a group of researchers in Germany with the hope of inspiring the next generation of smartphone cameras. more

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Google Updates Camera App for Android Phones

Google has updated the camera app for Android users and added a range of new features, including the ability to alter the aspect ratio of photos taken. more

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Nokia Releases Upgraded Camera App for Lumia Smartphones

Nokia has released a new beta release of its Camera App for Lumia smartphones. more

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Android OS Looking to Improve Photo Processing Power

Android smartphones could come with improved camera capabilities if a hint in the Android OS is to be believed. more

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Camera360 Raises Investment Funding -- Focuses on Generating Revenues

The camera photo effects app, Camera360 says that it has raised US$18 million in its latest round of Series B financing.  more

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Don't Blink - Windows Phone App Captures Photos without Blinking

Microsoft has developed a mobile app that alters how the camera function works in order to try and bypass the problem of people habitually blinking just as a photo is about to be taken. more

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Over 1 Billion Cameras Shipped in Smartphones and Tablets During 2012

Almost every smartphone shipped today has an embedded rear camera and one in three smartphones have a front-facing camera. The number of media tablets with two cameras is even greater. more

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Newark Police Settles Lawsuit Over the Arrest of Teen with Cellphone Video

Police in the USA City of Newark have settled a lawsuit after one of their officers deleted a video file from a cameraphone following an incident in March 2010. more

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Smartphone photo app users are a significant opportunity for photo printing

Photo app users are a largely untapped opportunity for the photo output industry, according to the new study that found 55% have never ordered any type of photo output products -- let alone products that include any of their smartphone photos. more

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Consumers Now Take More Than a Quarter of All Photos and Videos on Smartphones

The percent of photos taken with a smartphone (Apple iPhone or any other smartphone) went from 17% last year to 27% this year while the share of photos taken on any camera dropped from 52 percent to 44 percent. more

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