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Batteries Need Charging More Often to Cope with Smartphone Power Demands

Studying the battery budget in cellphones, Strategy Analytics' latest report reveals that improvements in component power consumption and battery chemistry will not be sufficient to offset the growth in feature penetration and application usage. more

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Eight Mobile Technologies to Watch in 2009 and 2010

Gartner says that it has identified eight mobile technologies that will evolve significantly through 2010, impacting short-term mobile strategies and policies. more

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Alcatel-Lucent launches new location-based mobile platform

Alcatel-Lucent has shown off a location based mobile advertising platform - with the catchy name of the 5130 Geographic Messaging Services Platform (GMSP).  more

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Qualcomm Launches Single HSPA+ Chipset

Qualcomm has introduced a new single-chip solution, the QSC6295 which leverages 45 nanometer CMOS process technology and combines rich multimedia, power-saving innovations and broadband data speeds. more

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Qualcomm Shows Off Low-Power Consumption 3G Chipsets

Qualcomm has launched a new range of WCDMA chipsets which the company says will enable a dramatic reduction in the cost of WCDMA based mobile phones. more

Related Tags: qualcomm, hsupa, hspa, wcdma, chief-technology-officer, chipsets, chipset, downlink, cmos

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