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UK mobile content providers profit from booming US market

UK based mobile billing supplier, Bango says that the lure of the growing US mobile market is proving to be rewarding for many of the UK's mobile content brands. more

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Bango Enables Operator Billing Over Wi-Fi

Mobile billing vendor, Bango says that it has developed a way of allowing operator billing to work on smartphones when they connect to websites over a Wi-Fi connection. more

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Wi-Fi Usage by Smartphones Impacting Mobile Content Revenues

Mobile billing service provider, Bango has warned that over 20% of people visiting web sites to purchase content using their mobile phones are now connecting via Wi-Fi.  more

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Mobile Web Analytics Platform Tracks Users Over Different Network Connections

Mobile billing and analytics firm, Bango has launched its latest version of its site tracking platform, which the firm says can now track a mobile internet user even if they switch from cellular to Wi-Fi whilst visiting the same website. more

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Mobile Billing Vendor Lures Exec from Rival Firm

Bango's director of New Business Development, Marc Saulino has moved over to rival mobile billing vendor, Billing Revolution to take up a similar role as VP of Business Development. more

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iPhone: Not a top 20 handset for browsing and buying on the mobile web

According to statistics released by mobile billing and analytics firm, Bango, when it comes to the most popular phones for browsing and buying content on the mobile web worldwide, the iPhone still sits outside the top 20. more

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USA Knocks UK off the Top of Charts for Mobile Web Browsing and Buying

The USA has knocked the UK off the top slot for mobile web browsing with 29% of the worldwide traffic compared to 20% in the UK, according to data released today by Bango.  more

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Bango reports four-fold increase in WAP billing in the USA

In the last three months, mobile billing vendor, Bango says that it has seen a four-fold increase in the number of WAP transactions in the USA, as content providers choose to sell their content using its mobile billing relationships with AT&T, Sprint Nextel and Virgin Mobile. more

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US appetite for mobile web surfing expected to surpass UK this month

Mobile web data released by mobile billing vendor, Bango confirms that mobile web usage is not only gaining traction in the United States but soon will surpass the UK, where consumers have accessed the Internet from phones for years. more

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Bango Launches Mobile Billing Service in South Africa

UK based mobile billing supplier, Bango has announced it is now processing on-bill payments in South Africa, one of the leading countries in the mobile web. more

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