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Free Mobile has met its 3G rollout obligation

The regulator says that it has now emerged from these verifications that Free Mobile had met its obligation. more

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Free Mobile Granted Additional Radio Spectrum

The French mobile network operator, Free Mobile has been allocated an additional block of 1800Mhz spectrum by the telecoms regulator, Arcep. more

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French Regulator Cites Operators for Missing 3G Rollout Obligations

The French telecoms regulator, Arcep has cited three mobile networks as having missed rollout obligations for their 3G networks in the French overseas departments. more

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French Regulator to Consult on the use of Unlicensed Radio Spectrum

The French telecoms regulator, Arcep has opened a consultation on the use of unlicensed radio spectrum in the country, chiefly the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. more

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Two French Networks Ordered to Improve 4G Coverage Map Accuracy

The French telecoms regulator has ordered two of the country's mobile network operators to improve the accuracy of the coverage maps they present to customers. more

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French Tariffs Price Cuts Slowing Down

French mobile service prices decreased by an average 27.2% in 2013, after having dropped by 11.4% in 2012. more

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France's SIM card numbers have increased by more than 5% in a year

The number of SIM Cards in use in France rose by 5 percent over the past year, taking the country's mobile penetration rate to 117.5%. more

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French Regulator Consults on Use of Mobile Phones in Aircraft

The French telecoms regulator has opened a public consultation on the use of 3G and 4G phones in aircraft during flights over French airspace. more

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French overseas territories to get 4G Licenses in the first half of 2014

The French telecoms regulator has outlined plans to offer 4G licenses in the French overseas territories in the first half of this year. more

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Orange France to Carry out Tests of LTE-A Upgrade

France's Orange has been given permission by the regulator to carry out LTE-A trials on its network. more

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