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Apple and Google Settle Patent Dispute

Apple and Google have settled a long running patent battle, and said that they will now work together on some areas of patent reform. more

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Apple Catching up with Samsung in Spending on Advertising

Although Samsung is still the largest spending in terms of advertising its smartphones in the USA, Apple is reportedly catching up fast. more

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Apple Cleared of Infringing Motorola Patent

An American Appeal's Court has ruled that Apple didn't infringe on a Motorola Mobility patent covering the method for "controlling a delivery of data" more

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Motorola Mobility Accused of Abusing Patents Licenses in Apple Lawsuit

Motorola Mobility has been warned that its legal action against Apple in Germany over a patent dispute could be seen as an "abuse of a dominant position prohibited by EU antitrust rules," according to a letter from the European Commission. more

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Judge Throws Out Apple Lawsuit Against Motorola Mobility

Apple suffered a set back in another of its many patent lawsuits, after a US Judge threw out a lawsuit against Motorola Mobility just a few hours before the trial was due to start. more

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Apple Gets Sales Ban on Motorola Smartphones in Germany

Apple has secured a ban on sales of Motorola Mobility products in Germany that infringe it's so-called "rubber band" patent. more

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Motorola Mobility Seeks Ban on Apple Imports into the USA

Motorola Mobility has filed a patent infringement case against Apple, claiming the company is breaching eight of its patents. more

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US Judge Dismisses Apple Lawsuit Against Motorola Mobility

Apple has lost a patent dispute against Google' new subsidiary, Motorola Mobility after a US Judge dismissed the case. more

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Judge Halts Patent Trial Between Apple and Motorola Mobility

A US Judge has announced that he is minded to dismiss a patent lawsuit between Apple and Motorola Mobility as neither side had established a right to relief. The trial, which was due to start on Monday has been cancelled. more

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Apple Seeking Patent Royalties of $5-15 per Android Smartphone Sold

Apple is reported to be approaching rival handset manufacturers with offers to settle their patent wars in exchange for royalty payments. more

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