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Apple Recalls Overheating iPhone Chargers

Apple has issued a recall notice for the iPhone phone chargers it sold in Europe between late 2009 and late 2012 due to overheating fears. more

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European Formally Opens Investigation into Apple's Tax Affairs

As expected, the European Commission has opened a formal investigation into Apple's tax affairs in Ireland. more

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Pressure on Apple to Drop Harmful Chemicals from iPhone Production

Apple is facing increased pressure from a collection of environmental activists over its alleged used of harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process for its iPhone handsets. more

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Apple Facing Investigation into its Tax Affairs

The European Commission is expected to announce an investigation into Apple's tax affair within Europe, within the next day or two. more

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Apple Wins Partial Victory in iPhone Trademark Dispute

Apple has won a partial victory in a trademark dispute in Mexico over the use of its iPhone brandname. more

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Apple Facing Another Trademark Dispute for its Newest Products

Apple is facing another trademark problem with one of its products after an Australian firm expressed surprised following this week's launch by Apple of its HealthKit product. more

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Apple Devices Overtake Web Browsers for Online TV Viewing

In the USA, for the first time iOS apps have surpassed browsers as the most popular access point for online TV browsing, according to analysis by Adobe. more

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Apple Prepares to Take a Bite Out of the $100 Billion Global Smart Home Market

Speculation that Apple will kick off a major smart home initiative this year came to an end with the announcement of HomeKit - Apple's attempt to unify disparate control protocols under its umbrella. more

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Apple Shows Off New Operating Software for iPhones and iPads

Apple has shown off its latest software upgrade, which it says its its biggest OS release since the App Store was announced. more

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Apple Products go on Official Sale in Iran for the first time

What is thought to be Iran's first official reseller of Apple products has opened in the country. more

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