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Apple Paying $3 Billion to Buy Beats Heapdphones Company

Apple has confirmed that it is paying US$3 billion to buy the Beats headphone and music streaming company. As part of the acquisition, Beats co-founders Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre will join Apple.  more

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Apple Users being Attacked by Ransom Demanding Virus

A number of Apple users are reporting that their iPhones and other iOS devices are being attacked by a so-called ransomware, that locks the device until a US$100 ransom is paid. more

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Is Apple About to Make a Big Push into the Smart-Home Market?

The pressure is on Apple to announce at least one major new product range at next week's Worldwide Developer Conference, and there are now rumours that it might be about to make a big push into the smart-home market. more

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Apple Seeking Retrial in $2.2 Billion Lawsuit Against Samsung

Apple is seeking a retrial in a patent dispute after a US court awarded it just US$119 million in damages instead of the US$2.2 billion that it had been seeking. more

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Apple Removes Popular Mobile Game from its App Store

Apple has removed a popular mobile app from its iTunes store just after it reached the top spot in their fast rising apps sales charts. more

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Google Overtakes Apple as World's Most Expensive Brandname

Google has overtaken Apple as the world's most valuable brand, according to an annual survey by Millward Brown. more

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Samsung and Apple in Talks to Settle Patent Wars

Apple and Samsung are reportedly in advanced talks that could see the two sides settle their long running and acrimonious patent disputes. more

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Apple Faces Lawsuit from iPhone Users who Switched to Android Smartphones

Apple is facing a possible class-action lawsuit from former customers who switched from its iPhone to an Android device, and found that text messages from other iPhone users were often not delivered. more

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Apple and Google Settle Patent Dispute

Apple and Google have settled a long running patent battle, and said that they will now work together on some areas of patent reform. more

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Apple in Talks to Buy the Beats Headphone Company

Apple is reported to be in talks that could see it paying as much as US$3.2 billion to buy the Beats headphone manufacturer. more

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