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Apple Censured Over In-App Payments Policies

Apple has been censured by the European Union after it failed to amend adverts for mobile apps that encourage in-app payments. more

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Apple Pays $400 Million to Settle E-Book Pricing Conspiracy

Apple has agreed to pay US$400 million to settle allegations against it following a price-fixing conspiracy concerning how it set the prices of e-books sold through its iTunes store. more

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IBM Deal to Support Apple Devices for Corporate Users

IBM is to develop a range of business apps exclusively for Apple devices under a new agreement that sees Apple making a major effort to expand into the corporate device market. more

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Samsung Tops Tablet Competitive Assessment Ahead of Apple for Second Year

Samsung prevailed over all other tablet vendors in the Innovation category and finished second overall in the Implementation strategy. more

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Apple's Sapphire Production Leaves Capacity for Smartwatches

Apple's huge investment in a sapphire production supplier could suggest that the company is going ahead with its much rumoured smartwatch after all. more

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Apple Showing Better than Expected iPhone Sales

Apple could be showing a better than expected quarter of iPhone sales, according to analysis of web search traffic of people seeking information about the devices. more

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Apple Recalls Overheating iPhone Chargers

Apple has issued a recall notice for the iPhone phone chargers it sold in Europe between late 2009 and late 2012 due to overheating fears. more

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European Formally Opens Investigation into Apple's Tax Affairs

As expected, the European Commission has opened a formal investigation into Apple's tax affairs in Ireland. more

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Pressure on Apple to Drop Harmful Chemicals from iPhone Production

Apple is facing increased pressure from a collection of environmental activists over its alleged used of harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process for its iPhone handsets. more

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Apple Facing Investigation into its Tax Affairs

The European Commission is expected to announce an investigation into Apple's tax affair within Europe, within the next day or two. more

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