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Developers Start Designing Apps for Apple Watch

Apple has announced the availability of WatchKit, software that gives developers a set of tools to create software designed specifically for the Apple Watch,  more

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Apple Supplier to Lay Off Nearly 900 Staff Following Loss of Contract

A sapphire production company is to lay off nearly 900 staff after it lost a contract to supply the hard screen covers to Apple. more

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Fitch: iPhone Takes a Bite of the Mobile Card Payment Apple

Apple may be better positioned to succeed where other institutions have had limited success given the company's financial resources and history of strong new product adoption, according to Fitch Ratings. more

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Report: Apple Supplier Exploits And Endangers Safety Of 20,000 Workers

A factory in Suqian, China making iPhone and iPad parts was found to have a number of serious health and safety, environmental, and human rights violations,  more

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Apple Watch Revealed: The Original

Silicon Valley giants had wearable timekeepers long before smart watches. more

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Apple Starts Storing Personal Information in Chinese Data Centres

Apple has confirmed that it has started storing customer account information on Chinese servers, marking a break from other tech companies who refuse to host personal information in China. more

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Fitch: Samsung and Apple to Lose Global Smartphone Market Share

Samsung's and Apple's global smartphone shipment market share will decline to around 25% and 14%, respectively, by 2015 (2013: 31% and 15%), says Fitch Ratings. more

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China Says Apple Ban Due to Lack of Paperwork not Security Concerns

China's Ministry of Finance say that Apple did not abide by relevant rules, which is why its products have been dropped from government agencies' procurement list. more

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Apple and Samsung to Drop Some Patent Lawsuits

Apple and Samsung have agreed to drop their patent lawsuits against each other, but only outside the USA.  more

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Apple Opening More Flagship Retail Stores in China

Apple opened a new store in Chongqing Municipality in southwest China on last week, bringing the number of Apple stores in the Chinese mainland to 11. more

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