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Preliminary Analysis: iPhone 4S Shows Key Design and Component Changes

While much of the coverage of Apple's iPhone 4S announcement focused on the new device's similarity to the iPhone 4, an IHS analysis of the product illustrates key changes in the product's feature set and component selection. more

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With iPhone 4S Intro, Apple Misses out on Booming Low-End Smartphone Market

While many observers reacted with disappointment that Apple Inc. didn't announce a high-end iPhone 5 model on Tuesday -- the real letdown was the company's failure to introduce a true low-end model, causing the company to miss out on the hottest growth opportunity in today's smartphone business,  more

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HTC ThunderBolt Provides Insights into Rumoured LTE iPhone 5

If the rumors are true that the next-generation iPhone 5 will support LTE based 4G, the new Apple smartphone likely will be significantly more expensive to make than the current iPhone 4 model, according to the IHS iSuppli Teardown Analysis Service more

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Chinese Girl Offers Virginity in Exchange for an iPhone

Following the recent story of a young man selling a kidney to raise money to buy an Apple iPad, comes the possibly not true story of a girl seeking an iPhone, by means of sexual favours. more

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Addition of Verizon Could Boost iPhone Shipments by 25% in 2011

The Verizon Wireless announcement yesterday that it will offer the iPhone to its subscribers will sound the starting gun for worldwide shipments of the CDMA version of Apple's smart phone, helping boost sales of the device by about 25 percent this year, more

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Nokia N8 Materials Costs Matches the Apple iPhone 4

Despite major differences in features and component selection, Nokia's new N8 smart phone carries a Bill of Materials (BOM) cost nearly identical to that of the iPhone 4, more

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Two-Thirds of iPhone Owners Plan to Replace Them Within the Next Two Years

Two-thirds of cell phone owners and owners of PDA devices will replace them within the next two years. As might be expected, the younger generation is more likely to make a change sooner: 77% of those 18-34 plan to replace the items within the next two years, vs. 46% of those 65+. more

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Deutsche Telekom Surprises with a Fourth-Quarter Loss

Deutsche Telekom has reported a surprise fourth-quarter loss on an impairment charge and shaken up its management team to focus on regions as opposed to industry segments.  more

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Increasingly Advanced Smartphones Demand Multi-Touch User Interfaces

Since the introduction of the Apple iPhone in January 2007, multi-touch technology - and the way it lets users zoom in and zoom out with a so-called 'pinch gesture' - has become a hot topic.  more

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Financial Crisis Hits Mobile Phone Sales as Q3 Shipment Growth Slows

The worldwide mobile phone industry felt the impact of the global financial crisis in the third quarter of 2008 (3Q08) as total handset shipments were down significantly over previous quarters. more

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