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Apple Spending $4 Billion Over 2-Years to Secure LCD Display Supplies

Amid the intense demand for limited supplies of small and medium displays utilized by smart phones and tablets, Apple is investing billions of dollars to guarantee availability of advanced LCD panels for its iPad and iPhone lines, more

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Nokia N8 Materials Costs Matches the Apple iPhone 4

Despite major differences in features and component selection, Nokia's new N8 smart phone carries a Bill of Materials (BOM) cost nearly identical to that of the iPhone 4, more

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Latest iPhone Contains $187.51 Worth of Components

Out of the nearly 300 cell phones torn down by iSuppli, the iPhone comes the closest to integrating the entire wireless interface - including all the supporting Radio Frequency (RF) modules - on a single chip, more

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Palm Pre Aims at the iPhone, Preliminary Cost Analysis Reveals

Palm is aiming high with its new Pre, a smart phone that rival's Apple's iPhone in terms of slickness - and in terms of hardware features - according to a virtual teardown conducted by iSuppli. more

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Qualcomm Chips Powering the BlackBerry Storm Smartphone

It isn't a shock that the new BlackBerry Storm smart phone offers features comparable to Apple's 3G iPhone. However, the Storm brings some interesting developments on the inside, such as the inclusion of a Qualcomm baseband chip, more

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BlackBerry, iPhone Battle Raging On

Research In Motion and Apple continue to dominate the consumer smart phone market, according to the latest ChangeWave survey. The survey shows Apple enjoying another good quarter in the aftermath of its 3G iPhone release. more

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Apple Ranks Highest in Business Wireless Smartphone Customer Satisfaction

iPhone manufacturer Apple ranks highest in overall customer satisfaction among business wireless smartphone users, according to a J.D. Power and Associates report. more

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iPhone vs. BlackBerry - Which Do Consumers Love Most?

This report is a follow-up to a previous ChangeWave Smart Phone survey showing a rapidly evolving two-horse race between the Apple iPhone and the Research in Motion BlackBerry -- with second tier players like Palm and a host of others being pushed to the sidelines. more

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HTC Launches iPhone Challenger Smartphone

Taiwan's HTC has announced the global launch of the HTC Touch, a new handset with touch screen navigation." more

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Apples iPhone Could Have Massive Profit Margins

Each Apple iPhone sold will generate nearly a 50 percent gross margin for Apple and partner Cingular Wireless, giving the companies a hefty profit, as well as plenty of room for future price cuts, according to a preliminary functional Bill of Materials (BoM) estimate created by iSuppli. more

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