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Orange Announces Apple iPhone Launch Details

Orange UK has announced that it will start selling the Apple iPhone from next Tuesday (10th Nov) with several shops opening early at 7am. more

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More fingers in the Apple pie

O2's exclusivity agreement with Apple in the UK for the iPhone is coming to an end, as the device is to be available on both Orange and Vodafone. O2 and the UK's two non-iPhone mobile network operators will undoubtedly need to find a response.  more

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O2 to Lose UK Exclusivity for Apple iPhone Sales

In brief statement, Orange UK has announced that it is to start selling Apple's iPhone later this year. more

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Apple iPhone Act II: 21 More Countries, Fake Lines

France Telecom said it paid people to form fake lines outside its Polish cellphone stores in order to build anticipation for Friday, when the Apple iPhone went on sale in Poland and 20 other countries. more

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