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Georgia Tech jailbreaks iOS 7.1.2

Security researchers at the Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC) have discovered a way to jailbreak current generation Apple iOS devices running the latest iOS software. more

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Chinese TV Accuses Apple's iPhone of Being Threat to National Security

The Chinese state television broadcaster CCTV has claimed that Apple's iPhones are a threat to national security because they track the user's locations. more

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Apple's iPhone 5S retains top spot in UK Smartphone Sales

The spell cast over the market by the iPhone 5S remains unbroken as it holds onto the title of the UK's most popular smartphone for the ninth consecutive month, more

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Apple's iPhone generates nearly half of UK mobile data traffic

Apple iPhone users are consuming nearly half of UK mobile data traffic, despite being a minority share of smartphone users, according to analysis by Chitika Insights. more

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Apple Starting to Lose Customers to Samsung -- in Europe

Among those who did buy the Galaxy S5 across the five largest European markets, 17% switched from Apple more

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T-Mobile Offers Free iPhone Trials and Free Music Streaming

USA based T-Mobile announced a number of new services including a free music facility and free iPhone trials. more

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New iPhone Software Makes Wi-Fi Location Tracking Harder

Apple's latest iOS update has revealed an interesting change in how the devices will scan for local hotspots. more

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Apple Showing Better than Expected iPhone Sales

Apple could be showing a better than expected quarter of iPhone sales, according to analysis of web search traffic of people seeking information about the devices. more

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Apple Wins Partial Victory in iPhone Trademark Dispute

Apple has won a partial victory in a trademark dispute in Mexico over the use of its iPhone brandname. more

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Researchers Run Apple Software on an Android Smartphone

Researchers at a US university have successfully run Apple's iPhone operating system software on an Android smartphone. more

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