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Teenage Girl Burnt When Apple iPhone Catches Fire

A schoolgirl has suffered burns after an Apple iPhone reportedly caught fire while she was carrying it in the pocket of her trousers. more

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4G network key to China Mobile-Apple partnership

It is likely that China Mobile and Apple have high expectations to improve respective sales from this deal, however given the current characters of the market, and the Smartphone purchasing trend in China, the two companies involved will need to do a lot more to yield any significant return. more

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Android ends the year on top but Apple scores in key European markets

The latest smartphone sales data for the three months to December 2013, shows that Android ended 2013 as the top OS across Europe with 68.6% share, while Apple held second place with 18.5%. more

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Apple Working on Larger Screen Sizes for Next iPhone

Further rumours are adding strength to the expectations that Apple will finally break out of its 4-inch prison and deliver an iPhone handset with a screensize closer to those offered by its increasingly popular rivals. more

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Samsung Users Closing the Gap on Apple Fans in Mobile Data Consumption

Apple iPhone users are still the most active downloaders of mobile data, according to a study, although Samsung users are closing the gap, and have overtaken Apple in terms of data uploaded. more

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NII Holdings Launches Push-to-Talk Service for the iPhone in the USA

NII Holdings, which operates Nextel branded services in Latin America says that its Push-to-Talk (PTT) app is now available the iPhone in the United States. It was already available on Android. more

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China Mobile May Have 1.4 Million iPhones in its Warehouses

Apple's Chinese handset assembly partner, Foxconn is reported to have shipped around 1.4 million of Apple's iPhone 5S to China Mobile ahead of its sales launch this Friday. more

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Apple's Next iPhone May Ship with Lower-Grade Camera Sensor

The Apple rumour-mill is starting to crank up already for the next in its series of smartphones, with reports that it might not bother upgrading the camera sensor. more

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Apple's share of smartphone sales continuing to grow month on month

Apple's share of smartphone sales continuing to grow month on month following the release of the iPhone 5S and 5C models. more

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US Spies Able to Hack into Apple iPhones

The USA's spy agency has been accused of targetting Apple's iPhone's with malware that enables them to remotely activate the devices without the users knowledge. more

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