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Apple's iPhone generates nearly half of UK mobile data traffic

Apple iPhone users are consuming nearly half of UK mobile data traffic, despite being a minority share of smartphone users, according to analysis by Chitika Insights. more

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Apple Starting to Lose Customers to Samsung -- in Europe

Among those who did buy the Galaxy S5 across the five largest European markets, 17% switched from Apple more

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T-Mobile Offers Free iPhone Trials and Free Music Streaming

USA based T-Mobile announced a number of new services including a free music facility and free iPhone trials. more

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New iPhone Software Makes Wi-Fi Location Tracking Harder

Apple's latest iOS update has revealed an interesting change in how the devices will scan for local hotspots. more

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Apple Showing Better than Expected iPhone Sales

Apple could be showing a better than expected quarter of iPhone sales, according to analysis of web search traffic of people seeking information about the devices. more

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Apple Wins Partial Victory in iPhone Trademark Dispute

Apple has won a partial victory in a trademark dispute in Mexico over the use of its iPhone brandname. more

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Researchers Run Apple Software on an Android Smartphone

Researchers at a US university have successfully run Apple's iPhone operating system software on an Android smartphone. more

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An iPhone App Offers Quick and Inexpensive Melanoma Screening

The idea sounds simple: Take a photo of a suspicious mole or lesion with your phone, run it through an embedded software program and find out within a few seconds if it is likely to be cancerous. more

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iPhone Users Have a Higher Lifetime Value Than Android Phone Users

Fully a quarter of USA smartphone users have a lifetime value to a mobile carrier of $5,000 or more, according to research by Parks Associates. more

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Apple Delaying Some iPhone Software Upgrades

Apple hasn't released the version 8 of its iOS software yet, but is already being rumoured to be having trouble incorporating all the upgrades in time for its expected availability date. more

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