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An iPhone App Offers Quick and Inexpensive Melanoma Screening

The idea sounds simple: Take a photo of a suspicious mole or lesion with your phone, run it through an embedded software program and find out within a few seconds if it is likely to be cancerous. more

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iPhone Users Have a Higher Lifetime Value Than Android Phone Users

Fully a quarter of USA smartphone users have a lifetime value to a mobile carrier of $5,000 or more, according to research by Parks Associates. more

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Apple Delaying Some iPhone Software Upgrades

Apple hasn't released the version 8 of its iOS software yet, but is already being rumoured to be having trouble incorporating all the upgrades in time for its expected availability date. more

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Apple Issues Recall Notice for Faulty iPhones

Apple has confirmed that a quantity of its iPhone 5 smartphones have shipped to customers with a faulty component that can affect the sleep/wake button. more

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Apple Faces Sales Risk as US Networks Shrink Handset Subsidies

Apple could come under pressure to maintain sales volumes in its core US market, if the mobile networks continue to cut back on handset subsidies. more

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iPhone Thief Steals Fake Phone, Drops His Own Real Model in the Chase

A Chinese college student who was mugged for his mobile phone ended up better off than he expected.  more

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Yahoo Pitching to Become the Default Search Engine on Apple iPhones

Apple is reportedly preparing to ditch another Google sourced product from its iPhone range, with the possible ditching of the Google web search engine in favour of a rival. more

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Apple Expected to Announce iOS 8 at its Worldwide Developers Conference

Apple today confirmed that it will hold its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) June 2 through June 6 at San Francisco's Moscone West. more

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Larger Screen Rumours for iPhone 6 Smartphones

There are fresh rumours adding fuel to speculation that Apple may finally make a decisive break and launch its new models with significantly larger screens. more

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Apple Changes Suppliers for iPhone Batteries

Apple is reported to have placed orders for its next-generation iPhone batteries with just two suppliers, slightly reversing a recent trend to diversify its supply chain. more

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