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iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Boost iOS Share in USA

The latest smartphone OS sales data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech shows a solid 5.2% percentage point US market share increase for iOS during the third quarter of 2016 to 34.2%.  more

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Smart phone shipments hit 355 million units as market braces for Note7 fallout

Samsung continued to lead the market, but its issues with the Note7 are starting to affect its business.  more

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iPhone 7 Materials Costs Higher than Previous Versions, Teardown Reveals

The bill of materials (BOM) for an iPhone 7 equipped with 32 gigabytes (GB) of NAND flash memory carries $219.80 in bill of materials costs,  more

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Vodafone delivers its first iPhone 7 by drone

This morning Vodafone made one of its first iPhone 7 customer deliveries by drone - the first iPhone delivery of its kind anywhere in the world. more

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Apple's iPhone 7 will not be a huge hit in China

The earbuds will only last for five hours without charging - a short time given many consumers in China take long train rides to travel to the different parts of the country. IDC expects this will not be a huge hit in China for now. more

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Apple iPhone 6s Was World's Top-Selling Smartphone in Q2 2016

Apple currently accounts for two of the three top-selling smartphone models shipped worldwide. more

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Next iPhone May Come with Large Camera Lens

Leaked photos hint that Apple's next iPhone model could come with either a dual lens camera, or a very large lens, or maybe both. more

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Apple May Put Intel Inside its Next iPhone

The next Apple iPhone model could come with an Intel Inside sticker on it, according to reports that Apple has signed a deal with the chipmaker. more

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iPhone SE is Three iPhone Generations Rolled into One

The iPhone SE represents an amalgamation of the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s merged into something altogether new. more

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FBI Manages to Unlock San Bernardino iPhone

The USA's FBI says that it has managed to break the encryption used on Apple's iPhone, without help from Apple. more

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