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Microsoft Shows Off Office for Apple's iPad

Microsoft has announced several new and updated applications and services including Microsoft Office for iPad and free Office Mobile apps for iPhone and Android phones. more

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Apple Announces iPad Retina to Replace Older Model

Apple has announced that it is replacing its iPad 2 with the iPad with Retina as its cheapest 9.7-inch tablet. more

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Can iPads help students learn science?

A new study by Smithsonian researchers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics shows that students grasp the unimaginable emptiness of space more effectively when they use iPads to explore 3-D simulations of the universe, compared to traditional classroom instruction. more

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More Claims That Apple is Working on Larger iPad

The persistent rumours that Apple is working on a larger screen version of its iPad tablet have been given a boost with reports that the company is sourcing larger display screens from component suppliers. more

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Android Overtakes Apple for Tablet Revenues - Report

Apple has long been able to argue that its falling market share in smartphones and tablets is not a major concern, as it still generates the majority of the revenue. more

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Wrong Man Arrested after Apple iPads Replaced with Clay Tablets

A man who bought an Apple iPad from a UK retail store and found that the tablet had been replaced with a lump of clay was himself arrested as a suspect in the fraud. more

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Vodafone Store Evacuated After iPad Explodes

A Vodafone store in Australia had to be exacuated after an Apple iPad exploded in the store, filling it with smoke. more

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Apple's New iPad Air Costs Less to Make Than 3rd-Generation iPad Model

With the iPad Air, Apple not only has trimmed the weight and thickness of its flagship tablet line, it has also cut the component cost, as the new model carries a lower bill of materials (BOM) than the third-generation iPad introduced last year. more

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Best Buy Offering iPad Trade-Ins on Older Models

US consumer electronics retailer, Best Buy has announced that it is offering existing Apple iPad owners a trade-in discount if they buy the latest model. more

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US AIrline to Lend Out Free iPads to Customers

Passengers flying on USA based Southwest Airlines will shortly be able to borrow an Apple iPad and view live and on-demand TV programs on Wi-Fi-enabled Southwest flights. more

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