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Nokia Removes Mapping App from Apple App Store

Nokia has quietly removed its Here Maps from Apple's iOS App Store, blaming the decision on Apple's latest OS changes. more

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Nokia Orders 300 Apps from Canadian Developer

Nokia has entered into an agreement with Canadian mobile apps developer, Polar Mobile to launch over 300 mobile apps for Nokia smartphones over the next 12 months. more

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Revenue for Major Mobile App Stores to Rise 77.7 Percent in 2011

Combined revenues from the four major mobile application stores run by Apple, Google, Nokia and Research In Motion will leap 77.7 percent in 2011 to $3.8 billion, with the Apple App Store projected to eat up a gargantuan three-quarters share of the total market, more

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Smartphones: the silver lining of the declining handset market

During 2008, in a first for the mobile industry, consumer demand for third-party applications started driving both handset sales and revenues for developers and OEMs. more

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EU-Funded Study Warns of GPS Phone Privacy Concerns

At a time when privacy issues are higher on the news agenda than ever, the EU-funded Network of Excellence FIDIS (Future of Identity in the Information Society) is urging users to safeguard their digital identity and privacy, especially when using mobile technologies. more

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Mobile E-Mail Tops British iPhone Usage

According to a report from mobile usage analysts, comScore, three-quarters of British iPhone owners use mobile e-mail, making it the most popular type of mobile content consumed on the device. more

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Smartphones to Account for 23% of All New Mobile Phones by 2013

Rising demand for complex multimedia-centric applications is forcing handset manufacturers to design increasingly 'smart' and highly personalised mobile devices. more

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Survey Finds: 17% of Shoppers Spent Over $100 on Mobile Apps in 2008

A survey of 235 US smartphone users who installed applications on their devices in 2008, conducted by ABI Research in November, reveals that a surprising 16.5% spent between $100 and $499. more

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Apple Poised to Take 40% of the Smartphone Market

Analysis carried out by Generator Research claims that Apple’s embryonic mobile business could knock Nokia from the top spot in the smartphone market, and transform the mobile services market. more

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