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Microsoft Starts Cross-Promoting Desktop and Mobile Apps in App Stores

Microsoft has announced upgrades to its Development Centres with the aim of more closely tying in the mobile and desktop app services. more

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Over 100 Million Monthly Users for Opera's App Store

Opera, the mobile browser developer says that its own mobile app store has now surpassed 100 million monthly users. more

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Google Updated Play Services for Android Smartphones

Google has started rolling out an updated version of the Google Play Services app to Android smartphones with a number of software updates. more

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Apple Says App Store Sales Topped $10 Billion in 2013

Apple says that customers spent over US$10 billion on in its App Store during 2013, including over US$1 billion in December alone. more

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Nokia Removes Mapping App from Apple App Store

Nokia has quietly removed its Here Maps from Apple's iOS App Store, blaming the decision on Apple's latest OS changes. more

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Move Over App Store, HTML5 Is Gaining Ground

Remember in the 1990′s when video games came on discs and it took hours to download them on your computer? Well, that was short-lived because a little thing called the Internet came along and video games moved online.  more

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Google Could Earn $7 Billion a Year from Android Apps by 2017

The potential scale of Google's apps store, and its growth has been highlighted by a financial analyst report, which predicts that Google could be generating US$1.3 billion for the company this calendar year. more

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36 percent of Mobile App downloads generate 71 percent of total revenues

The Apple App Store now accounts for 65 percent of total revenues globally, with Google Play gaining ground rapidly in the last six months with 35 percent market share. more

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Apple Blocks Mobile Music App from UK Music Retailer

Apple has blocked a mobile music service launched by a UK retailer which could have proven a competitor to its own iTunes service.  more

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Surge in BlackBerry App Downloads After Carrier Billing Offered in Qatar

Qatar's Ooredoo says that the volume of mobile app downloads from the BlackBerry World App Store has increased by a ratio of 5-6 times every month since it introduced carrier billing for the service. more

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