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Fake Android Anti-Virus App Was a "Mistake" the Developers Claim

The developer of a popular anti-virus app for Android smartphones that appeared to do absolutely nothing, and was still downloaded over 30,000 times, says that the app should never have been put for sale on the Google Play app store. more

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LG Goes Red with new Nexus 5 Smartphone Colour

LG has announced that the first red Nexus 5 device is now available for purchase through the Google Play store. more

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Google Updated Play Services for Android Smartphones

Google has started rolling out an updated version of the Google Play Services app to Android smartphones with a number of software updates. more

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Google Upgrades is Android App Store

Google has started rolling out an upgrade to its Google Play app store on Android phones and tablets that it said has been simplified to make it easier to find entertainment services. more

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Google Enables Offline Language Translation for Android Smartphones

Google has launched an upgrade for its language translation app and now offers support for 50 languages even without mobile data access to the Google servers. more

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Android Catches Up with Apple in Mobile Apps Volumes

Google says that its Android apps store, Google Play has now matched the number of downloadable software apps offered by Apple's iTunes. more

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Cumulative Android Smartphone Shipments to Exceed 1 Billion in 2013

Just five years after Google's Android appeared on the market in 2008, IHS forecasts that cumulative global shipments of smartphones using the operating system since it was introduced will amount to more than 1 billion in 2013. more

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App Downloads and Revenue Surge in First Three Months of 2012

Consumer demand for mobile apps showed no sign of letting up in the period after Christmas, a key sales period for smartphones and tablets, according to analysis by CCS Insight and Distimo. more

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Study: Including ads in mobile apps poses privacy, security risks

Researchers from North Carolina State University have found that including ads in mobile apps poses privacy and security risks. more

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Google Revamps its Android Market as Google Play

Google has made its long anticipated move into remote file storage for music and video content with the launch of Google Play for Android devices. more

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