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Google Offering Refunds to Fake Android Anti-Virus Software Buyers

Google has started issuing refunds to people who paid for an anti-virus app for their Android smartphone that turned out to do nothing at all. more

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Android Overtakes Apple for Mobile Advertising Traffic

Just a few months into 2014, the mobile advertising industry is already showing signs of big shifts in mobile traffic and monetization patterns. Android has, for the first time, become the biggest platform globally for mobile ad traffic surpassing iOS,  more

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Google Deploying Heartbleed Patch for Android Smartphones

Google is deploying a security patch for one variant of the Android OS that was vulnerable to the so-called Heartbleed security flaw that stunned the internet community last week. more

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Android OS Upgrades on their Way for Older Samsung Devices

Samsung is reportedly working on Android OS upgrades for a couple of its older devices, including one which was not expected to get the latest OS variant. more

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Fake Android Anti-Virus App Was a "Mistake" the Developers Claim

The developer of a popular anti-virus app for Android smartphones that appeared to do absolutely nothing, and was still downloaded over 30,000 times, says that the app should never have been put for sale on the Google Play app store. more

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Twitter Buys Android App Developer

An Android app developer that worked on a replacement for the default lock-screen on smartphones has been bought by Twitter. more

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Accessory Turns Android Smartphones into Flying Drones

An accessory has been developed that clamps around a smartphone and turns it into an autonomous flying drone. more

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Bitcoin Mining Malware Infecting Android Smartphones

Android apps are being circumvented to act as Bitcoin mining operations, a report from a security firm has warned. more

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Google Targeting Corporate Users with Next Android OS Upgrade

Google is said to be working improving how the Android OS appeals to corporate users as it targets the growing BYOD market, and the BlackBerry userbase. more

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Microsoft and Dell Sign Android Patents Agreement

Speculation about Dell's intentions towards the Android smartphone and tablet market is heightened following an announcement from Microsoft. more

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