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Huawei Emerges as 2nd Largest Android Brand in EU's Big Five

The latest smartphone sales data confirms the trend seen over the previous two months, with Android gaining market share in the U.S. while losing ground in Europe's big five markets. more

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Android widgets may boost effectiveness of sleep-monitoring apps

An effective smart phone application should make data collection easy, but not so easy that the user forgets to access and reflect on that information, according to a team of researchers.  more

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Android Ransomware Masquerades as Free Porn App

An Android app that claims to be a video player for porn has turned out to be an extortion scam that locks phones until people pay up to have it removed. more

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Android Share Loss Continues in Europe "Big Five" Markets

The latest smartphone sales data shows continued market share losses for the Android OS across Europe's five largest markets, while Android's share remained positive in the U.S. more

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Samsung to Fast-Track Android Security Bug Fixes

Samsung Electronics has announced that it will implement a new Android security update process that fast tracks the security patches over the air when security vulnerabilities are uncovered. more

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Android Bug Could Affect a Billion Smartphones

A bug has been uncovered in Android smartphones that can see the handset crashed by sending a simple multimedia message to the handset. more

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Android virus laden Ransomware on the Rise in the UK

Bitdefender research has found that approximately 32% of all reported malware during the month of May was Android ransomware,  more

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Android Needs Hero Flagship Device to Regain OS Market Share

The latest smartphone sales data shows Android gaining market share in the USA, where it increased to 62.4%, but continuing to struggle in the Europe "big five," more

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New wave of Android Ransomware lurks behind FBI porn warning

Thousands of Android users are at risk of having their mobile devices and private contents locked by a particularly ruthless ransomware that demands $500 to restore access,  more

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Android Overtakes Apple iOS for Mobile Ad Revenue Share

Mobile advertising data from first quarter of 2015 shows Android not just leading in traffic, but now revenue, holding a 45.8% share of total revenue generated on the platform,  more

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