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Amazon Kindle Launching as Leading Android Tablet for Developers in North America

From an apps developers perspective, Amazon's new Kindle Fire edged Samsung Galaxy Tab as the number one most popular Android Tablet in North America, on par with interest for the iPad prior to its launch in April 2010, and second only to the Galaxy Tab globally. more

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Google opens e-book store in challenge to Amazon

Google is making the leap from digital librarian to merchant in a challenge to and its Kindle electronic reader. more

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2013 Will See eBook Reader Markets Catch Fire

According to ABI Research, starting in 2013 eBook reader markets will start to expand globally. The firm forecasts that more than 30 million readers will ship during that year, almost double the 2012 total. more

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Impact of the Apple iPad vs Amazon Kindle on the e-Reader Market

The e-Reader market has essentially become a two horse race between the Amazon Kindle and the Apple iPad, according to ChangeWave's latest survey of more than 2,800 consumers. more

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Apple iPad Owners tend to be young males, Kindle owners tend to be richer

Probably unsurprisingly, a survey has found that Apple iPad owners skew younger and more male. Sixty-five percent of them are male and 63 percent of them are under the age of 35. more

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Amazon goes after Apple's iPad in new Kindle ad

Amazon goes after Apple's iPad in new Kindle ad, getting aggressive with e-reader rivals more

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Amazon Kindle Bests Apple's iPad in E-Book Survey

Despite improvement to the rival Barnes & Noble Nook e-book reader and the arrival of Apple's iPad tablet computer, which offers e-reader capability, Amazon's Kindle is still the best choice for most consumers. The report and Ratings of e-book readers is featured in the July issue of Consumer Reports and on  more

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Mobile Broadband Modem Sales to Reach 200 Million in 2014

The sales of new devices with integrated mobile broadband connectivity, together with external USB modems, will top 100 million in 2010, as mobile broadband makes major inroads into the mass market, more

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Kindle e-reader motivates less-enthusiastic readers

To help children become better readers, a Kansas State University professor thinks they may 'need to spend less time with their noses stuck in books. more

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Apple's iPad could be Kindle's first big threat in e-books, which has dominated the young but fast-growing electronic book market for the past few years with the Kindle, could get its biggest threat Saturday, when Apple releases its iPad multimedia tablet. more

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