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Over 230,000 New Base Stations to Be Added Next Year in the Four Largest Emerging Markets

While many sectors of the economy are languishing in the global recession, wireless infrastructure is relatively healthy.  more

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As LBS Subscribers Multiply, Sustainable Business Models Emerging

The number of subscribers to handset-hosted location based services (LBS) increased in 2008 to more than 18 million. North America continued to be the dominant region, accounting for slightly more than two-thirds of the total market,  more

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Tier 2 Mobile Handset Vendors Must Compete on Two Fronts

Tier 2 mobile handset vendors shipped 80.5 million units last year, a small fraction of the global total. But they face significant challenges when seeking greater market share.  more

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Mobile Handset Market Stays Afloat with 258 Million Shipped in 1Q-2009

Despite tough corporate and unemployment news making the headlines, the mobile handset-buying public did not head to the hills during the first quarter of 2009. more

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Recession or Not, Wireless Backhaul Expansion Continues Strongly

Worldwide revenues from backhaul leasing are expected to double over the next 30 months, according to a new study from ABI Research. The growth curve even accelerates after 2012, resulting in a fivefold revenue increase between 2009 and 2014. more

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Controversial FCC White Space Decision Creates "Goldrush" Opportunities

After an epic battle between the US broadcasting industry and high-tech companies, the FCC ruled in November 2008 that it would open up white space spectrum once TV stations move from analog to digital transmissions and no longer need the bandwidth "guard rails" required by analog. more

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Great Expectations: Would You Look for a Touchscreen on a $50 Mobile Phone?

An ABI Research survey on mobile phone users' age-related feature and price assumptions found nearly half of the respondents in the 40-59 age bracket expected a touchscreen on a US$50 mobile device. more

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Active RAN Sharing Could Save Operators $60 Billion

A new study from ABI Research finds that the worldwide combined OPEX and CAPEX savings from active infrastructure sharing could amount to as much as $60 billion over the next five year period. more

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Handset Manufacturers Aiming to Design Their Way out of Recession

The global recession may have drastically slowed many forms of economic activity, but not the efforts of mobile device manufacturers to drive growth by design innovation. more

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For Wireless Handsets, 2010 Will Be the Year the Bleeding Stops

No matter who you ask, the assessment is the same: 2009 will be a bad year for cellular handset sales worldwide. However ABI Research's current forecasts for 2010 are cautiously optimistic, more

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