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Sudan May Have 4G Service Within Months

Sudan's mobile networks will launch 4G services within the next three months, the country's Minister of Science and Telecommunications Tahani Abdullah has announced. more

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Turkey Delays 4G Spectrum Auction

The Turkish government has delayed its planned 4G spectrum auction, pushing the date back by another three months. more

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UK Companies Slow to Adopt 4G Services

Businesses are in danger of missing out on the digital revolution and falling behind their more tech-savvy competitors.  more

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Vietnam Could Permit 4G Services by Year-End

Vietnam's government has approved plans to permit 4G based services in the country, but it is still wary about spare capacity on the 3G networks not being used. more

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China Expects 250 Million 4G Subscribers by Year-End

China's 4G subscriber base has continued to surge, growing by around 60 million in the first quarter of this year, and sign-ups are accelerating. more

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China Mobile Launches 4G Roaming in 71 Countries and Regions

China Mobile's 4G network has accumulated over 100 million domestic users since its launch in December 2013 and opened 4G international roaming services in 71 countries and regions, more

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Two French Networks Ordered to Improve 4G Coverage Map Accuracy

The French telecoms regulator has ordered two of the country's mobile network operators to improve the accuracy of the coverage maps they present to customers. more

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Afghanistan to Get 4G Services Soon

Afghanistan should have 4G phone services in the country shortly, according to statements by the ICT Ministry. more

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UK Set to Release 4G Spectrum Earlier than Planned

The UK's telecoms regulator says that a four-year process to release airwaves for 4G mobile broadband will be completed on Wednesday. more

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UK Networks Squabble Over 4G Advertising

Two UK networks have engaged in a verbal spat over adverts for LTE services, after EE complained that Vodafone was advertising its service ahead of its launch. more

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