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Ericsson and Qualcomm Achieve 63Mbps Downlink Over 3G Network

Turkcell, Ericsson and Qualcomm have demonstrated the world's first live 3-Carrier High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (3C-HSDPA) on a commercial network.  more

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Indian Government Still Fighting 3G Roaming Between Networks

India's Department of Telecom is maintaining its stance that 3G roaming between mobile networks that lack coverage in some areas is still illegal. more

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India\'s Airtel to Resume 3G Roaming Service

India\'s Bharti Airtel has announced that it will restart the 3G roaming service that it had been ordered to shut-down last year. more

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Indian Networks Permitted to Resume 3G Roaming Pacts

Agreements between Indian mobile networks to offer 3G roaming where they lack coverage have been approved by the Telecoms Tribunal, which also criticized the government for trying to ban them. more

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Thai Network Increases Investment in 3G Rollout

Thailand's AIS says that it will increase its investment in its 3G network to Bt90 billion (US$2.7 billion) from the previously announced Bt70 billion during 2013-2015. more

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Optus Upgrades 3G Network - Expands LTE Coverage Along Central Coast

Australia's Optus has announced the upcoming launch of 4G and 4G Plus in select areas of the Central Coast, and the completion of extensive 3G upgrades across the coast in time for Christmas and the busy summer period. more

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Kosovo Gains 3G Coverage with Network Upgrade

Kosovo based mobile network, Ipko has launched the country's first 3G network, with coverage of around 80% of the population. more

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AIS Brings Forward 3G Network Launch Date

Thailand's AIS has confirmed that it will launch its new 2.1Ghz based 3G service in April, a month ahead of its original plans. more

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Anite adds support for GCF data throughput performance testing

Anite has announced the industry's first solution to support GCF (Global Certification Forum) data throughput performance testing for LTE and 3G. more

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Sprint Expands LTE and Delivers an Improved 3G Experience in Puerto Rico

USA based Sprint says that it has significantly improved 3G service in Puerto Rico and also expanded LTE service to more customers  more

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