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BSNL Fails to Secure 3G Roaming Agreements

Attempts by Indian state-owned telco, BSNL to share its 3G network with the private operators have hit a wall after the operators said it was trying to charge too much for a national roaming agreement. more

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2degrees to Delay 3G Launch Until Next Year

New Zealand's third mobile network, 2degrees will not be switching on its 3G network until sometime in the first half of next year. more

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Thailand's TOT Seeking Funds for 3G Rollout

Thailand mobile operator, TOT is preparing to raise funds for its 3G network from outside debt sources if the government refuses to act as a loan guarantor, said president Varut Suvakorn. more

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Israel Consults on Possible 3G Spectrum Auction

Israel's Ministry of Communications is to hold a public consultation to decide how to allocate a batch of unused 3G radio spectrum. more

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Political Crisis May Delay Thailand's 3G License Auction

The ongoing political crisis in Thailand may cause yet further delays to the 3G licenses which are expected to occur in the fourth-quarter of this year. more

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Vodafone Raises Debt for Indian Expansion

Vodafone Essar, the company's Indian subsidiary is reported to have sucessfully raised around US$2 billion in a 5-year debt financing for network expansion and the forthcoming 3G license auction. more

Related Tags: , ict, vodafone, tim, mumbai, tax, hutchison, essar, vodafone-essar, court, auction, India

China Defies Global Decline in Wireless Carrier Spending

China in 2009 is expected to defy the downturn in the global wireless infrastructure equipment business, as the nationís 3G network rollout drives world-beating double-digit growth in carrier capital spending, more

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Chile Publishes Details of 3G License Tender

The Chilean telecoms regulator, Subtel has published the tender details for a round of 3G licenses, which it anticipates will bring a new entrant into the market. more

Related Tags: , ovi, telefonica, entel, compete, movistar, nextel, antitrust, subtel, nextel-international, telefonica-moviles, claro, court, auction, 2g, Chile

Bouygues Telecom Loses 3G License Appeal

The European Court of Justice has ruled that the French government was correct in retrospectively lowering the 3G license fees it charged to France Telecom and Vivendi's SFR. more

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Jordan Announces Delayed 3G License Tender

Jordan's telecoms regulator, the TRC has published the tender document for its 3G licenses. The regulator has set a reserve price of JOD25 million (US$35.5 million) per block of 5+5 Mhz spectrum. more

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