List of Technology News Articles

Huawei Working on TV Broadcasts over LTE in the UK
Huawei says that it is collaborating with a number of companies to demonstrate TV broadcasts over LTE networks. more

SK Telecom and Ericsson Show Off Elastic Cell, a Key Enabler for 5G
SK Telecom and Ericsson have demonstrated a key enabler for future 5G networks -- the so-called Elastic Cell technology which can boost mobile data speeds at the edges of cell boundaries. more

Future electronics may depend on lasers, not quartz
Nearly all electronics require devices called oscillators that create precise frequencies -- frequencies used to keep time in wristwatches or to transmit reliable signals to radios. more

An anti-glare, anti-reflective display for mobile devices?
If you've ever tried to watch a video on a tablet on a sunny day, you know you have to tilt it at just the right angle to get rid of glare or invest in a special filter. more

Japan Pushing for 5G Phones for Tokyo Olympics in 2020
The Japanese government has started encouraging the mobile industry to push ahead with developing standards for 5G technologies so that they can be ready in time for the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games in 2020. more

Your next Angry Birds opponent could be a robot
With the help of a smart tablet and Angry Birds, children can now do something typically reserved for engineers and computer scientists: program a robot to learn new skills. more

Alcatel-Lucent Pushes 10Gbps Down Traditional Copper Telephone Llines
Bell Labs, the research arm of Alcatel-Lucent says that it has set a new broadband speed record of 10Gbps using traditional copper telephone lines and a prototype technology more

SK Telecom Starts Joint Research with Ericsson for 5G
South Korea based SK Telecom says that it has signed a MOU with Ericsson for joint research for 5G-related technologies. more

What's New with Wireless Charging?
Inductive charging is hardly new, but the technology and the promise are advancing. more

Using sand to improve battery performance
Researchers at the University of California, Riverside's Bourns College of Engineering have created a lithium ion battery that outperforms the current industry standard by three times. The key material: sand. Yes, sand. more

Ericsson and Qualcomm Achieve 63Mbps Downlink Over 3G Network
Turkcell, Ericsson and Qualcomm have demonstrated the world's first live 3-Carrier High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (3C-HSDPA) on a commercial network. more

The new atomic age: Building smaller, greener electronics
In the drive to get small, Robert Wolkow and his lab at the University of Alberta are taking giant steps forward. more

ZTE Plots 5G-Like Service on LTE Smartphones
It may be possible to deliver a 5G-like user experience on existing LTE based mobile phones, without changing the air interface standards. more

Huawei Builds World's First LTE Network for Heavy-Haul Railways
Huawei says that its eLTE solution has won the bid for the Shenhua Group Corporation's Shuo Huang Railway (SHR) LTE project, and will deliver this project soon. more

Ericsson's 5G Test Network delivers 5Gbps Download Speeds
The first 5G networks are not expected until 2020, but Ericsson has already achieved speeds of 5Gbps in live, over-the-air demonstrations of the company's pre-standard 5G network technology. more

Network Congestion Could See 30% Failure Rate for M2M Applications
Mobile operators could face a failure rate upwards of 30% for M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) sessions according to Cellwize, a Self Organizing Networks (SON) vendor. more

Anite launches Customer Experience Monitoring (CEM) solution
Anite has announced the release of what it says is an industry first troubleshooting solution which generates CEM data with drive test level network information enabling efficient root cause analysis. more

MIT researchers unveil experimental 36-core chip
For years, Li-Shiuan Peh, the Singapore Research Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, has argued that the massively multicore chips of the future will need to resemble little Internets, where each core has an associated router, and data travels between cores in packets of fixed size. more

Is the Stylus Coming Back in Style?
As touch-based computing exploded over the past several years, the stylus seemed to quietly fade from view. But recent developments indicate the stylus is coming back in style and may occupy an increasingly important space more

UK to Tests Methods of Improving Rural Internet Access
The UK government has awarded contracts worth £10 million to explore ways to take superfast broadband to the most remote and hardest to reach places in the UK. more

Vodafone and Huawei Testing GSM-LTE Dynamic Spectrum Sharing
Huawei has announced the successful implementation of the world's first GSM-LTE Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (GL DSS) trial with Vodafone Spain. more

And the Next Wireless Protocol Is...?
If WiGig vs. WirelessHD is the VHS-Beta Debate, Which One is Betamax? more

'Smart glass' micro-iris for smartphone cameras
A small, low-powered camera component made from a \"smart glass\" material has been created by a group of researchers in Germany with the hope of inspiring the next generation of smartphone cameras. more

Making smartphones smarter with see-through sensors
New technology for carving light into Gorilla Glass could let manufacturers pack more apps into new real estate: The display glass itself more

Nokia to Upgrade GSM-R Products
Nokia says that it is launching a range of new GSM-R products, although it didn't elaborate on what they would be. more

Ruckus Wireless Launches Two New Outdoor Wi-Fi Hotspots
Ruckus Wireless has announced the launch of the first two models in a line of new ZoneFlex T300 Series outdoor 802.11ac access points (APs), more

Europe and South Korea to Cooperate on Research into 5G Networks
The European Union and South Korea has agreed to cooperate on the development of the future 5G based mobile networks. more

A faster path to optical circuits
Just as electronic circuits work with electrical charges, optical circuits process pulses of light, which gives them a distinct advantage in terms of speed. Optical technologies are therefore the object of intense research, more

Former Mobile Phone Engineers Build World's Smallest Headphones
A team of former Sony Ericsson and Nokia engineers say that they have developed the world's smallest set of wireless in-ear headphones. more

Immersion Enters into Multi-Year License Agreement with Continental
Immersion, a developer and licensor of touch feedback technology used in smartphones says that it has entered into a multi-year licensing arrangement with Continental. more