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Former Mobile Phone Engineers Build World's Smallest Headphones

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A team of former Sony Ericsson and Nokia engineers say that they have developed the world's smallest set of wireless in ear headphones.

The tiny headphones, called "Earin" are tiny headphone buds than pop into the ears, and unless other models, have no cables linking them to each other. They connect via Bluetooth instead.

Running on a 50 mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery, Earin should be good for up to three hours of listening at a time.

However, as that is not an entire day, what may be the headphones defining feature is that they also come with a small pocket case to keep them clean and safe when not in use, and the case also acts as a recharger.

The case comes with a 100mAh Li-Ion battery, which should top the headphones up for another 3 hours of use before both headphones and carrying case need recharging.

That should sate even the heaviest of users.

At the moment, the engineers are raising funds to take the product into commercial production.

At the moment, they aim to start sales next January, and have already secured more than enough funding to achieve that.

On the web: Kickstarter

Earin headphones and carry case

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