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Is Apple About to Make a Big Push into the Smart-Home Market?

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

The pressure is on Apple to announce at least one major new product range at next week's Worldwide Developer Conference, and there are now rumours that it might be about to make a big push into the smart home market.

Apple has been a bit of a one-trick pony in recent years and analysts are concerned that the company is losing too much ground to the Android OS. It needs to launch not just a new product, but also one that generates a long term ongoing revenue stream to support its high shareprice.

The Financial Times is now reporting that the company has eyed up the connected home of the future as its own long term future market, as it can tie various devices into a single eco-system and derive long term ongoing revenues from that.

While there are still few details, the smart phone as envisioned by Apple would be based around proximity sensors -- as used in conventional burglar alarms -- to customise the way the house works.

From automatic temperature controls to lights switching off when rooms are empty, and all controlled through a range of Apple devices.

The FT does warn that the project might not be ready for launch next week, and the company does have a habit of dropping announcements at the last minute if the product is not absolutely perfect for displaying to the public (even if the underlying technology is still being developed).

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