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Anite is first to offer 4x4 MIMO device testing capability

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Anite says that it is first to offer chipset and device manufacturers the ability to verify their 4x4 Downlink (DL) MIMO designs and products.

The company said that the milestone was achieved in collaboration with a device manufacturer (who remains nameless) using Anite's Development Toolset.

Advanced MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) antenna configurations where both the base station and the device are equipped with multiple transmit/receive antennas are leading to an increased need for device testing prior to market launch. MIMO, a key feature in LTE-A, enables operators and device manufacturers to offer superior data rates without requiring additional bandwidth or transmit power.

4x4 DL MIMO capable devices require greater antenna separation/isolation and are therefore used in devices with larger form factors such as phablets, laptops with inbuilt modems and set-top boxes, as well as in various automotive applications. Anite's capability to test 4x4 DL MIMO follows its earlier success in demonstrating Carrier Aggregation of two component carriers of 20 MHz each, resulting in Category 6/7 Downlink data rates of 300 Mbps.

"Complex antenna configurations such as 4x4 DL MIMO require advanced testing capability. Anite's leading product roadmap and its collaborative engagement with key industry partners enable device manufacturers to accelerate their designs of LTE and LTE-Advanced products", said Paul Beaver Products Director at Anite.

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