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Google Planning Radical Overhaul of User Interfaces for Android 5.0

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Google is looking to tidy up the sometimes somewhat variable user interfaces across its various services and mobile phones for a new review that should see them all converge around a single concept.

Reportedly called Quantum Paper, the design proposals for release in the next iteration of the Android OS outline a broad set of policies about how services should be developed in future.

In essence, it's not a set of rules, but policies which can ensure that web services adapt seamlessly across different devices and screen sizes and all use a consistent user layout.

So the new change while aimed at Android would appear to be a much wider plan which would affect how companies design services for web and mobile going forward.

One of the first Google services that is expected to get the overhaul is Gmail, of which recently leaked images show a radically revamped appearance, but one that works across all screensizes without losing the core navigational structure.

The first releases of the new policies are expected in Android 5.0, which we recently noted could be released fairly soon.

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