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Mozilla Pushes Firefox Apps onto Android Phones

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Mozilla has recognised that one of the big problems it will face in promoting its own Firefox OS for smartphones is the issue of encouraging app developers to port apps to its platform.

Now it has said that rather than making it easier for Android apps to work on Firefox OS, it is going to take an alternative approach.

App developers can now develop apps for Firefox OS, and then port them directly over to the Android platform. That could be a smart move as it makes development of mobile apps a Firefox-first policy, which has a lot of underlying impacts on how businesses think about their app development policy.

In addition, Android users with the Firefox web browser installed can also run Firefox OS apps directly, or they can now download them and they will behave exactly like a typical Android app.

The only downside is that the Firefox apps on Android would never run as efficiently as a native coded app, but that is common to all cross-OS based systems.

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