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Apple's Smart-Home Project Could be Just a Simple Certification Logo

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

What was looking like a major push by Apple into the smart home market could actually be a rather less interesting and almost insignificant certification programme instead.

Citing sources, the Gigaom website confirmed that Apple is looking at the smart-home market, but that it isn't looking to become a supplier of products and services itself.

The main gist of the project is to develop a certification process where in-home hardware is certified as being compatible with Apple devices.

That would reasure users that their iPhone or iPad could control the light switches or the temperature control, but that is the limit of the project.

It is also unlikely to be shown off at next week's bit Apple trade show.

However, with Apple's market share in smartphones shrinking, will smart-home vendors even care for the hassles of securing an Apple certification logo unless it translates into provable higher sales for the suppliers?

On the web: Gigaom

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