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Apple Removes Popular Mobile Game from its App Store

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Apple has removed a popular mobile app from its iTunes store just after it reached the top spot in their fast rising apps sales charts.

The ad-funded free mobile game, Weed Firm was somewhat controversial as it was based around growing and selling marijuana, which is illegal in most countries, and US States.

The games was based around the virtual dope dealer, Ted Growing with players competing to improve their drug growing skills and then selling it to customers.

The developer of the game, Manitobo says that it wasn't warned that the game was about to be removed from the iTune store, where it had been on sale for several months, slowly growing in popularity.

Apple hasn't commented on why it suddenly took action after all these months of being seemingly happy with the game.

Manitobo is appealing the decision.

It isn't the only drug based game on iTunes, and the developers of those may be watching carefully to see what action, if any that Apple decides to take.

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