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Control the Android Camera with a Whistle

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

An early James Bond movie had a gadget where the spy could whistle, and detonate a remote bomb. Now you can take a selfie with a whistle.

An Android app has been released that lets users whistle to take a photo.

The product has a more serious side, as it is aimed at motorists who can mount their smartphone in a cradle and then simply whistle to take a photo. It reduces the need to take hands off the steering wheel and should improve road safety.

The app is ad funded as a free download, or users can pay for an ad-free version.

On the web: Google Play


  • Whistle detecting camera.
  • High quality pictures.
  • Auto focus.
  • Easy holding and taking pictures just with one hand.
  • Using the volume up button for more easy way to take a picture.
  • Picture sites hands free while driving using the whistle.
  • Selfie pictures using cam countdown.
  • Both landscape and portrait orientation supported
  • Picture gallery
  • Share your photos
  • Edit your photos

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