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Facebook Launches Mobile Advertising Agency

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Facebook has launched its much rumoured mobile advertising network, and will start serving adverts to 3rd party mobile apps.

What is being called the "Audience Network" has the potential to significantly disrupt the mobile advertising market, thanks to Facebook's exceptionally deep understanding of its users.

That demographic data should enable it to offer far more accurately targeted advertising to agencies, leading to improved performance, and hopefully for publishers, higher payments.

The company will offer three advertising formats, the classic banner advert, the intersital, which takes over the whole page between page clicks, and the native, which was once more commonly known as an advertorial, and is akin to a news article sponsored by the advertiser.

One key issue is that the adverts will only be served in mobile apps, and not on mobile websites. At least initially.

However, it has also sparked privacy concerns that the company may struggle to overcome if there are fears that it is allowing people's private information to be shared with other organisations.

"The mobile ecosystem needs a way to deliver these kind of native, personalised ads to people, and I'm glad that we can deliver more than one million active advertisers to your apps," Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg announced.

To assuage some of the privacy concerns, the company is tightening up how 3rd-party apps are able to access Facebook users information and will require users to explicitly authorise data sharing in future.

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