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Google Scaling Back its G+ Social Media Service

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Google is rumoured to be planning to scale back its G social networking service following the surprise resignation of its lead engineer yesterday.

Although no business reason was given for Vic Gundotra's decision to leave the company, it has been reported that the timing could be due to acceptance by Google that is simply cannot compete against Facebook and Twitter in the social media space.

Google devoted exceptional amounts of effort to its G+ platform, deeply integrating it with most of their other services, sometimes controversially as at YouTube.

So while almost anyone who uses Google has a G+ account, it never seemed to secure a sizable active user base or a fan base outside some niche markets.

The Hangouts feature was particularly liked by users, but that was too little a market to hang an entire social media platform on.

Citing inside sources, TechCruch reported that Google is now shifting the nearly 2,000 engineers working on G+ services to other parts of the company, with much of the development team moving to Android and other mobile services.

That may underline the importance that Google is placing on improving its mobile services, and is willing to sacrifice what was internally a very high-profile product in order to tap into growing mobile web traffic.

On the web: TechCrunch - +VicGundotra

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