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Yahoo Pitching to Become the Default Search Engine on Apple iPhones

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Apple is reportedly preparing to ditch another Google sourced product from its iPhone range, with the possible ditching of the Google web search engine in favour of a rival.

Unlike its attempt to build its own maps service, which was by all accounts, disasterous, the company is reported to be in talks with Yahoo to switch iPhones to the rival search engine.

Citing sources at Yahoo, the company's CEO Marissa Mayer is working on the plan which is to be presented to Apple shortly.

The move would be a huge boost for Yahoo, which actually uses Microsoft's Bing to underpin its search results, as it would gain access to a lucrative mobile search audience that it can bolt into its existing mobile advertising sales.

"Mayer has supposedly wrangled support from a few Apple execs including longtime acquaintance Jony Ive," the report claimed.

Google is estimated to pay around USD1 billion a year to Apple to be the default search engine in the iPhones, so the opportunity for Yahoo could be transformative for the once lead search engine.

The iPhone already includes support for the Yahoo search engine, but as users have to make a manual switch to the service, most stick with the Google default. The big question for the companies is how many will make the switch back to Google if the default option is changed to Yahoo.

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