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Twitter Suffers Network Outage -- Turkey Lifts Ban on Service

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

The social media service, Twitter suffered a fault that lasted around 12 hours and resulted in some messages not being visible all the time. The outage comes just as a Turkish court overturns a ban on the service in the country.

The network fault is being investigated by Twitter, which confirmed that it had the issue on its status page. People attempting to read a specific message on the service that was known to exist were often shown a "page does not exist" message instead.

The fault lasted about half a day and appeared to be totally random in which messages and users were affected.

The messages were not deleted, they simply were not viewable all the time.

In related news, a Turkish court has ordered the telecoms regulator to lift the ban on internet traffic to the Twitter website. The block, which was exceptionally easy to bypass was imposed five days ago after the Prime Minister complained that it was spreading rumours about corruption in his family.

The ban was however very easy to bypass, and did not apply to other social media services that were also broadcasting the same allegations.

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